1296981073_164342217_1-Pictures-of--CFA-FRM-CPA-Coaching-Training-Preparation-ClassesThe market is making you sweat. Your manager is after you chasing increase in sales results. Competition is getting more and more aggressive. Clients become tougher and more inquisitive. Trainings are ok but you feel they are not applicable for your specific situation. How do you handle that?

How to make your clients say YES?

How to stop worrying they won’t like you or your offer?

What can you control and how to do it?

How to handle clients who don’t know what they want?

How to get a YES when you don’t have a better price?

To to build a strategy with a client and make it work?

How to boost your self-confidence after a series of persistent NOs?

How to manage your manager?

How to manage your pipeline?

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