How to deliver a good training?

That is a question that many managers or new consultants believe is quite easy.

What’s so hard about it? You make a Power Point presentation, prepare some handouts, make people laugh and talk clever using insightful quotes.

And that’s pretty much it.

If that is your idea too, we are going to challenge it.

You are right. Anyone can do this kind of training. But will it be GOOD?


Here’s what we suggest to people who want to be GOOD at TRAINING delivery:

  • Know your claimed area of expertise – learn as much as you can, keep up with what’s new.
  • Focus on your audience – what they NEED, what they find useful, what is their level of knowledge and skills.
  • Be mindful of the expectations – both the audience and those who pay for that training (which is often their management).
  • Structure your content – make sure you push it out of the comfort zone.
  • Animate – not just the presentation, plan how to animate your audience and lead them through the whole thing.
  • Be a good presenter – sharpen your presentation skills.
  • Be motivational and inspiring – mind you, your audience needs encouragement to implement your content in their practice.
  • Encourage feedback and be open minded.
  • Communicate effectively – listen and understand, make sure you answer all questions.

So, maybe that’s all.. or may be not.

Come and try with us.